Walking DULVERTON and area

Avista Press 2021, ISBN 978-0-9555441-2-5, 64pp.  Price £6.50.  Out of print for online ordering.

The book contains 14 main walks (30 routes in all) and covers the area between Exford, the Ansteys, Bampton, Wimbleball and Wheddon Cross, centred on Dulverton.  All walks (other than one from Wimbleball) either start in Dulverton or are easily accessible by bus.

The book is stocked by Exmoor National Park Authority and available in the Dulverton information centre next to the library.  Some other outlets such as the Tantivy, the Exmoor Society and the shops in Withypool and Exford may still have some stock.

Updates to route notes, buses, refreshments etc. are posted here:  https://devmts.org.uk/weq/bookupdates.pdf





The walks

Country Code

1. Around town  1½ mile circular

2. Marsh Bridge and Court Down  3 or 4 mile circular

3. Hawkridge and the River Barle  6 or 11 mile circular

4. Exford and Withypool  13 or 10½ mile linear

5. Tarr Steps  11 or 7½ mile circular

6. Winsford  12½ mile circular or 6-6½ mile linear

7. Wheddon Cross  4 or 10 mile linear

8. Bury  9 or 14½ mile circular

9. Bampton  6 mile linear

10. Brushford and Chilcott  5 or 8½ mile circular

11. East and West Anstey  8 or 11 mile circular

12. Winsford and Tarr Steps  9 or 5 mile circular

13. Winsford and Exford  11 or 5 mile circular, or 5½ mile linear

14. Wimbleball and Bury  7½ or 3½ mile circular

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