Walking on Exmoor and the Quantock Hills

Exmoor and the Quantock Hills are an outstanding and highly varied walking region in the south-west of England, bordering the Bristol Channel and extending about 15 miles inland. 

The aim of this site is to provide a comprehensive guide to walking in the region.  The emphasis is on longer walks (typically 7-12 miles), although there are a few shorter walks and plenty more included with the main walk descriptions as short-cuts and alternatives.  The walk instructions are provided as PDF files that can each be printed on a double-sided sheet of A4 paper, or downloaded to a phone or tablet. 

Use the menu on the left to navigate the site (or the link below if your browser doesn't show it properly).  If you haven't visited before, be sure to read 'Introduction to the walks' and download the safety leaflet. 

Site map

27 river barle below simonsbath 1The Barle valley above Simonsbath.  © Stan Lester.


Walking on Exmoor and the Quantocks is an excellent way to keep healthy and distance yourself from others.  But please follow the official guidance and regulations, be prepared to go somewhere else if your first choice is crowded, and give other people plenty of space.  There is some general advice from the Ramblers Association here, and Exmoor National Park Authority has more specific information hereI won't be updating this message regularly, so please check with these sites (and the links on them) for what you can and can't do at the moment.  Stay safe and keep active!

Refreshments and transport   There is some disruption to pub, cafe and tea-room opening, beyond that caused directly by the restrictions - e.g. not everywhere that would normally be open over the winter is providing a take-away service.  Buses also have limited capacity at present because of the need to space passengers out.  I haven't included any temporary changes on the walk descriptions, but will check if any refreshment-places and bus services have closed permanently when things are eventually (more-or-less) back to normal.

Overgrown walks  Smaller numbers of walkers during spring 2020 have led to some paths being overgrown with brambles, bracken and other growth, and some moorland tracks disappearing completely.  Be prepared to fight your way through occasional encroaching vegetation, and spend more time finding routes on moorland walks.