Walks on western Exmoor

Loc 2 1This page covers the area to the west of Exford, including the high moorland around Simonsbath and the western fringes of inland Exmoor.

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5B  The Lyn hamlets, Barbrook and Cheriton Walk5bWalk5b   !   7.5 miles, 400 metres of ascent, circular, bus

13 Malmsmead, Badgworthy and Oare  Walk13Walk13   !   7.4 miles, 430m, circular, bus

13A Brendon Common  Walk13aWalk13a  !  6 miles, 185m, circular

15 Around Challacombe  Walk15Walk15   /♦  8.2 miles, 305m, circular

15A Around Parracombe  Walk15aWalk15a    5.1 miles, 245 metres of ascent, circular, bus

16 Brayford, Whitefield Down and High Bray  Walk16Walk16     12 miles, 610m, circular, bus Fridays

16A Wistlandpound Reservoir and Bratton Fleming  Walk16aWalk16a    8 miles, 365m, circular

18 Simonsbath, Pinkery Pond and Cornham Ford  Walk18Walk18    ! 11.5 miles, 400m, circular

19 Simonsbath and Cow Castle  Walk19Walk19     6.8 miles, 315m, circular

20 Simonsbath to Lynmouth  Walk20Walk20     9.8 miles, 440m, linear, connecting transport needed

21 Withypool, Landacre Bridge and Porchester’s Post  Walk21Walk21     8.2 miles, 315m, circular

21A Landacre Bridge, Sherdon Water and Cow Castle  Walk21aWalk21a     9.3 miles, 455m, circular

22 The upper Exe valley, Larkbarrow and Lanacombe  Walk22Walk22    ! 11.7 miles, 350m, circular

22A Simonsbath to Exford via Withypool Walk22aWalk22a    9.3 miles, 365m, linear, connecting transport needed

23 Exford and Withypool  Walk23Walk23     8 miles, 400m, circular


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O0000248 exford

28 pinkery pond

O0000661 barle below simonsbath

 Exford; Pinkery Pond; River Barle below Simonsbath. All © Stan Lester.