Walks on the Exmoor coast: Lynmouth to Minehead

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This page covers the coast from Lynmouth to Minehead.  Click next to the pdf icon to download the route.  Read the Walk safetysafety information, and click Map symbolsMap symbols for a key to the maps in the walk instructions. 

5  Lynmouth, Lynton and the Valley of the Rocks  Walk5Walk5  ♦♦♦   5.5 miles, 560m, circular, bus

5A  The East and West Lyn gorges  Walk5aWalk5a  ♦♦♦  5.4 miles, 565m, circular, bus

5B  The Lyn hamlets, Barbrook and Cheriton Walk5bWalk5b ♦♦   7.5 miles, 400m, circular, bus

6  Lynmouth, Foreland Point and Watersmeet  Walk6Walk6   !  7.7 miles, 720m, circular, bus

7  County Gate and Watersmeet  Walk7Walk7   !  10 miles, 870m, circular, seasonal bus

8  County Gate, Oare and Culbone  Walk8Walk8   9.1 miles, 790m, circular, seasonal bus

9  Porlock, Hawk Combe, Culbone and Porlock Weir  Walk9Walk9     10.8 miles, 750m, circular, bus

10  Porlock, Bossington and Horner  Walk10Walk10     ! 7.9 miles, 285m, circular, bus

11  Bossington, Selworthy and Allerford  Walk11Walk11  7 miles, 590m, circular, bus

12  Minehead, North Hill and Selworthy Beacon  Walk12Walk12      10.7 miles, 670m, circular, bus

12A  Minehead, Bratton Ball and Woodcombe  Walk12aWalk12a      6.2 miles, 430m, circular, bus

More Minehead area walks in the Brendon Hills section.

Pc290348 coast path at culbone

E lyn lynmouth

12 dec o0004019 north hillCulbone; East Lyn River/Lynmouth; North Hill.  © Stan Lester.

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