Walks on central Exmoor: south of the B3224

Loc 2 3This page covers the inland area south from Exford and Winsford, down to Dulverton, Anstey Moor and Molland.

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17 Molland and Anstey Common  Walk17Walk17     !   8.5 miles, 500 metres, circular

17A Molland Common  Walk17aWalk17a    ! 7.7 miles, 350m, circular

25 Exford to Dulverton via Withypool and Hawkridge  Walk25Walk25     13 miles, 600m, linear, connecting bus

26 Exford to Winsford and back  Walk26Walk26     10.9 miles, 525m, circular, bus

26A Anticlockwise around Winsford Hill  Walk26aWalk26a    8 miles, 350m, circular, bus

27 Winsford, Tarr Steps and the Punchbowl  Walk27Walk27  9.2 miles, 450m, circular, bus

27A Dulverton and Tarr Steps  Walk27aWalk27a  ♦ 10.7 miles, 500m, circular, bus

27B Dulverton and Winsford  Walk27bWalk27b  ♦ 12.8 miles, 670m, circular, bus

28 Dulverton, Hawkridge and the River Barle  Walk28Walk28    10.9 miles, 550m, circular, bus

28A Dulverton and the Ansteys  Walk28aWalk28a    10.8 miles, 520m, circular, bus

29 Wheddon Cross to Dulverton Walk28Walk29    10.5 miles, 540m, linear, connecting bus

41 Dulverton to Bampton  Walk41Walk41      6 miles, 210m, linear with connecting bus

41A Dulverton and Bury  Walk41aWalk41a    9 miles, 520m, circular, bus

41B Dulverton, Brushford and Chilcott Walk41bWalk41b    8.3 miles, 390m, circular, bus


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O0000253 tarr steps

76 winsford

O0000188 anstey gate

Tarr Steps; Winsford; Anstey Gate. All © Stan Lester.