Walks on central Exmoor: north of the B3224

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This page covers the area between Exford and Winsford north to Porlock and Dunster, including Dunkery Beacon and the area around Wheddon Cross.

Click next to the pdf icon to download the route.  Read the Walk safetysafety information, and click Map symbolsMap symbols for a key to the maps in the walk instructions.

14 Horner, Stoke Pero and Dunkery Beacon  Walk14Walk14     8.2 miles, 695 metres of ascent, circular

14A  Horner, the Dunster Path and Luccombe  Walk14aWalk14a     6.5 miles, 370m, circular

24 Exford to Dunster via Dunkery Beacon  Walk24Walk24     11.5 miles, 495m, linear, connecting bus

26 Exford to Winsford and back  Walk26Walk26     10.9 miles, 525m, circular, bus

29 Wheddon Cross to Dulverton Walk28Walk29    10.5 miles, 540m, linear, connecting bus

29A Wheddon Cross and Dunkery Beacon Walk29aWalk29a    10.5 miles, 700m, circular, bus

29B Around Wheddon Cross Walk29bWalk29b    7.2 miles, 375m, circular, bus

30 Wheddon Cross to Dunster via Clicket Walk30Walk30    9.6 miles, 400m, linear, connecting bus

The HerepathHerepath - some information about the Exmoor Herepath (Saxon military road) and two suggested walking routes.

There are some long-term path closures and diversions in the Horner Woods and Selworthy area, where the National Trust is managing trees affected by ash dieback.  Please check the NT ash dieback web page for details.


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Ascending Dunkery; Webber's Post; Cloutsham. All © Stan Lester.