Walks around Bampton, Wiveliscombe and the Lakes

Loc 3 2This page covers Wimbleball and Clatworthy reservoirs and the areas around Bampton and Wiveliscombe, south of the Brendon Hills. 

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38  Clatworthy Reservoir  Walk38Walk38     5 miles, 185 metres of ascent, circular

39  Wimbleball Lake  Walk39Walk39     8.2 miles, 275m, circular

39A  Wimbleball, Bury and Haddon Hill  Walk39aWalk39a    7.6 miles, 400m, circular

39B  Eastern side of Wimbleball  Walk39bWalk39b    6 miles, 225m, circular

40  Bampton and Cove   Walk40Walk40      7.7 miles, 400m, circular, bus

41  Dulverton to Bampton  Walk41Walk41      6 miles, 210m, linear with connecting bus

41A Dulverton and Bury  Walk41aWalk41a    9 miles, 520m, circular, bus

42  Bampton and Clayhanger  Walk42Walk42      11.1 miles, 430m, circular, bus

42A  Bampton and Morebath Walk42aWalk42a  ♦  7.9 miles, 350m, circular, bus

42B  Waterrow, Clayhanger and Raddington Walk42bWalk42b    9.7 miles, 425m, circular, bus

43  Wiveliscombe and Waterrow  Walk43Walk43     9.1 miles, 510m, circular, bus

43A  Wiveliscombe and Brompton Ralph  Walk43aWalk43a   ♦  8.3 miles, 385m, circular, bus

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11 wimbleball



Wimbleball Lake; Clatworthy Reservoir; Waterrow.  All © Stan Lester.