Site management

GPX files updated

The GPX files have now been updated so that all main walks up to the end of August 2020 now have matching GPX files on the GPX files page.  I will aim to keep the GPX files updated at the same time as the walk  descriptions, but for walks where the last recce is later than August, do check that the date of the GPX file matches the last recce date - if it doesn't, check the GPX route against the route map in the description before using it.

Update:  Walks 0A-3, 12A, 14A and 50A added/updated November/December 2020. 

70 walks

The site now has 70 main walks, the last one (21a Lanacre, Sherdon Water and Cow Castle) going up at the beginning of July.  That will be it for now, as I will be focusing on re-walking some of the existing routes and perhaps adding to them, particularly the shorter walks. 

(For anyone looking for the extra Oare walk that I promised, it is now an alternative on Walk 13 - it shares the path along Badgworthy Water and the section from Oare to Malmsmead with the main walk, so it didn't justify a separate map and description). 


Update - site layout, new walks, book

If you have visited the site previously you will have noticed that all except the Quantocks section have been divided up into smaller areas, e.g. the high Exmoor page has been divided into west, south central and north central, and the Exmoor coast into east and west.  Some walks are on more than one page, so for instance Lynton walks appear on both east and west coastal pages.  This is simply to stop the list of walks on each page getting too long, and the maps too cluttered. 

There are now 66 main walks on the site, and I'm intending to add four more - Wistlandpound, additional ones in the Oare and Dulverton areas, and a linear inland walk probably between Porlock and Dunster.  I will also expand Walk 0 to include an alternative route from Mortehoe along the coast to Ilfracombe.  Then I will concentrate on getting the book out as well as revisiting some of the earlier walks. 

About the book, the 'manuscript' is finished, and I'm now awaiting decisions about publication and whether it will be full colour or monochrome.  More to follow. 

Site readability

I've had some feedback that the coloured diamond grade symbols on the walks index pages all appear red on some devices.  I'm changing these so that the grade is reflected by the number of diamonds as well as the colour, e.g. 1 (yellow) diamond = easiest grade, 2 (green) = moderate, etc.

Site update

The site is more-or-less complete now - a few things to add including two of the walk descriptions, the full list of routes, and gpx files.  Please comment via email or the guest book.

Site status

Most of the site elements are in place and you are welcome to explore the site (and send feedback).  I have three more walk recces to do, then the walk descriptions need formatting and checking before publication.  I'm aiming to have everything ready by the end of June.