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New walk numbers

Walking on Exmoor and the Quantocks started in 2016 as a collection of 35 walks to be published as a book.  I soon realised that I needed more routes to do the region justice, so the walks were renumbered and I decided to use a web format instead, with a target of 50 downloadable routes in the form of pdf leaflets.  By the end of 2022 the site had 85 main walks and many 'extra' routes hidden as alternatives in the main walk leaflets. 

For New Year 2023 I have renumbered the walks from 1-100.  A few walks have been split into two shorter routes to make them easier to link to other walks, and I have also pulled out some of my favourite alternatives as main walks.  There are still a few 'additional walks' such as Wellington Monument and Hartland Point that are outside the main area covered in the web site, and I may add to these occasionally, but I won't be adding any new walks to the main region. 

Four new walks have been added:  47 4747.pdf Dunster to Porlock via the Grabbist ridge and Horner; 55 5555.pdf Wheddon Cross to Porlock via Wootton Courtenay and Luccombe;  71 7171.pdf Watchet, Doniford and St Decumans;  and 87  Wiveliscombe and Heydon Hill 8787.pdf.

List and map of walkslist-and-map-of-walks.pdf

New walk numberingnew-walk-numbering.pdf

The new numbering and crossreferencing is now complete, apart from some of the references in the 'news and updates' section.  If you spot anything that doesn't work properly please email me