Tea rooms closing and opening

The tea rooms at Hinam Farm near Dulverton and Pulhams Mill near Wimbleball Lake have both closed.  I have updated the relevant walks to remove reference to them. 

Some better news for Parracombe, Simonsbath, Roadwater, Stogumber and Cothelstone - all have new or reopened tea rooms.  We have tried Egans at Boeveys in Simonsbath and the Roadwater shop cafe, and both are excellent. 

There is now a cafes and tea rooms map linked from the site, courtesy of Footloose303 walking group.

Croydecycle map Exford

Another new Croydecycle map has just come out, 53 Exford. It sits between the Dulverton and Horner/Dunkery ones and covers the area between Simonsbath, Exford, Withypool and Winsford.  I will update the walk descriptions in the area to include reference to the map.

Exford map