DOGS - or rather dog owners

A bit of a rant here, unfortunately.  I love dogs, but I do have problems with the actions of some dog owners. 

Dogs and sheep.  On two occasions recently I have witnessed dogs chasing sheep.  Fortunately neither led to any immediate visible harm to the livestock, but that doesn't mean that they didn't suffer from being chased around a field.  In one instance there was a clear notice on the gate that the dog owners had just come through to KEEP DOGS ON A LEAD.  Unfortunately there seem to be too many dog owners who either don't care or think that their dogs won't chase livestock.  Here's a link to an RSPCA page about sheep worrying.

Dog waste bags.  I'm fed up with seeing dog waste bags hung in hedgerows or left at the side of paths.  This might get the dog mess out of the way of people's feet, but it is adding litter to the countryside, it is unsightly, and ultimately it doesn't solve the problem - the bag will break down and expose the offending matter, which is still capable of causing diseases such as neosporosis or toxicariasis, or infection with worms.  Part of the responsibility of being a dog owner is picking up and removing dog mess, which means taking it home if there are no suitable bins.  Here are some suggestions for disposal.